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Sexual-Health Education
The Avondale and North Avondale community believes this sexual health information is needed, appropriate and useful to all community members.

This information is available to  assist in a better understanding of the aspects of sexual health.

Why is it needed?
1) Ohio does not teach Health education in schools, while sexual misinformation and adult violence are readily available on TV, the Web, and in movies.
2) Young teens are becoming parents long before they are ready to parent.
3) STDs/Aids: The numbers are especially high in this community, in this county, and in the State of Ohio.

The articles provided here are directed at specific needs:

Books for Parents to Assist in Teaching Their Children About Sexual Health

For Girls:
Body Book for Younger Girls - By Valerie Lee Schaefer
Body Book for Older Girls - By Cara Natterson
What’s Happening to Me?- Girls - By Susan Meredith

For Boys:
The Boys Body Book - By Kelli Dunham
Boy's Guide to Becoming a Teen - By Amy B. Middleman
What’s Happening to Me? - Boys - By Alex Frith

For Families:
It's Perfectly Normal - By Robie H. Harris
Sex, Puberty, & All That Stuff - By Jacqui Bailey
It's So Amazing - By Robie H. Harris